What happens when you give world-class analysts the best data-driven research platform on the planet? You get analysts with super powers.


Koto is the national security and risk division of Kensho Technologies and we are focused on building the next generation of geopolitical analytics software using the latest breakthroughs in natural language processing, machine learning, and data visualization. We are intimately familiar with the challenges analysts face; the deluge of open source information, the pressure to answer complex questions for senior principals under tight deadlines, the logistics of integrating new types of data into your analysis. Koto's vision was forged through decades of experience at C.I.A. writing for senior policy makers, building data science programs and teams, and creating next-generation machine learning tools. Our mission and passion is to build the cutting-edge software tools you always thought existed and then use those tools to enable insightful and timely analysis without the typical drudgery.

How do we do that? Koto is predicated on the idea that we can develop machine learning algorithms to interpret and structure geopolitical event data as reliably as a human would. When you do that, you can digest and visualize data much faster and more efficiently than having a human reading through thousands of documents. At the same time, Koto is ingesting and cleaning structured numerical data from Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's), non-profits, academic institutions and government statistics offices. Lastly Koto is building in the capability for our clients to throw their own special data into the data corpus. This creates a seamless common platform of tools and data for geopolitical analysis that analysts actually enjoy using. Organizations no longer have to invest their time and money in developing duplicative non-value added software.

Koto: Your World Sourced, Structured, Solved.

Noel Calhoun

Executive Director for Koto. EE (War Eagle), software developer, fiber optics mfg engineer, analyst, manager, intel analyst (Hoya), USG executive, CTO for CIA's Directorate of Support.