Peanut butter and chocolate, Han Solo and Chewbacca, sweet tea and lemonade; some things were just made to go together. And when Kensho met Visallo, one more perfect combination was added to the list. Kensho is happy to announce the acquisition and merger of Visallo with our Koto geopolitical risk division in Northern Virginia. Visallo’s state-of-the-art link analysis and geospatial visualization software is a perfect compliment to Koto’s natural language processing capabilities (NLP). Combined, these two products create a powerful end-to-end platform for analysts, targeters, consultants, academics, investigators and just about any other expertise-driven knowledge work. Kensho knows that in order to compete in the data analytics space and solve customers’ problems, you need to have three distinguishing features.

  1. The first is world class machine learning (ML) on unstructured text. As long as people read and write, our software tools will need to understand natural language. Koto has built a suite of ML capabilities across multiple domains that allows users to search more efficiently and curate and share their data insights. In addition, Koto’s proprietary entity extraction and disambiguation automatically creates structure where there was none and provides users with critical context.

  2. The second key capability is to have modern visualization tools that help users understand extremely complex processes and situations by simply looking at a picture. Good data visualizations are powerful and, once created, can make life much easier for the consumer, but creating them is notoriously difficult. This is where Visallo shines. Visallo’s web-based link analysis tool is refreshingly intuitive and enables users to structure hundreds of thousands of entities and expose relationships in the most complex networks without training. The entity structure Koto creates from text documents will serve as the input for Visallo’s visualization. Peanut butter and chocolate.

  3. The last and arguably most important factor in producing a general purpose analytic platform is the data. No tool on the market today comes with high-value data built into it, until now. S&P Global, the world’s top financial data services company, acquired Kensho in May of 2018. S&P’s data powers most of the commercial world. Now that we are one company, Kensho will have the ability to develop ML models and visualization capabilities on some of the most important, impactful data on the planet. The combination of Koto’s NLP, Visallo’s visualization, and S&P Global’s large cache of unique data, will make our platforms the most powerful analytic tools on the market today.

We could not be happier or more energized to have Visallo as part of the Kensho family. Together, we are going to do great things. Keep your eyes on our blogs and website for announcements on new capabilities and integrations to supercharge your analytic program.

Noel Calhoun

Executive Director for Koto. EE (War Eagle), software developer, fiber optics mfg engineer, analyst, manager, intel analyst (Hoya), USG executive, CTO for CIA's Directorate of Support.